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Chicago Graphic Design SchoolsThe Illinois Institute of Art Chicago, ILA city with great food, beautiful shorelines, and a wealth of history, the word “urban” was invented to describe Chicago. Home to The Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago is a great place to begin your career in graphic design.

If you have been thinking about attending graphic design school, you are most likely asking yourself questions like how much is it going to cost, how long will it take to graduate, how & where do I apply and is financial aid available?

The Illinois Institute of Art offers a program in graphic design in Chicago, Illinois. To see if this school is the right fit for you, click on the Request More School Info button, fill out the short questionnaire and a representative from the school will contact you to answer any additional questions about the school, costs, financial aid and how to apply.

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Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago
350 N. Orleans Street
Chicago, IL 60654

About the illinois Institute of Art - Chicago

The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago is an institution of higher education offering degree and other academic programs in the creative and applied arts to a students from all over the world.

Graphic Design Students ChicagoThe College offers a stimulating learning environment where committed and talented students, led by dedicated and professional faculty, can develop their creativity, and acquire the skills and knowledge to pursue careers in their fields of study.

The Art Institute's graphic design program is designed to simulate on-the-job training experience with hands-on, real world projects. Highly-qualified instructors teach this program designed to get you the skills you need to succeed in the shortest amount of time possible.

The Art Institute partners with the local business community to develop its curricula and offers career services to its graduates. Its fully-accredited programs offer flexible schedules and financial aid. For those wishing to continue their education, your Art Institute diploma in Graphic Design and Animation opens the door to an online Bachelor's degree from Anthem Online.

Associate of Applied Science - Accessory Design

A 96 credit-hour program, the Associate of Applied Science in Accessory Design Degree at The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago is designed to prepare graduates for a variety of careers in the field of accessory design. In addition to learning how to create and design a fashion accessory, coursework in the AAS - Accessory Design degree program includes footwear design, construction, handbags, small personal goods, jewelry design, and construction. Additionally students will learn about small business management and entrepreneurship in order to develop a strong foundation of understanding for the accessory design industry.

Associate of Applied Science - Fashion Merchandising

The Associate of Applied Science in Fashion Merchandising degree program lasts two years, and is designed to equip graduates with the skills needed in order to pursue employment in this exciting industry. Hands-on instruction is a benchmark of the AAS in Fashion Merchandising program at The Art Institutes of Illinois - Chicago, and coursework includes simulated buying sessions, fashion history, marketing seminars, and mock promotional campaigns.

Associate of Applied Science - Graphic Design

Completing the Graphic Design program at The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago will earn you an Associate of Applied Science Degree. You will learn the basics of graphic design: drawing, perspective, color, composition, typography and advertising design. Advanced work includes computer graphics, computer illustration, and desktop publishing. Graphic designers can advance in challenging careers in advertising, publishing, and design.

The Graphic Design program requires 96 quarter credits which includes 29 quarter credits in general education to provide a well-rounded education. The general education classes include history, culture, political science and social studies. Students completing these classes have a greater world view of an increasingly complex and interdependent world.

Graduates of the Graphic Design program are prepared for entry-level positions as production artists, graphic designers, assistant designers, assistant art directors, and production coordinators. In addition, students would be well suited for employment as a computer artist at advertising agencies, design studios, publishing houses, corporate communications departments and television studios.

Associate of Applied Science - Web Design & Interactive Media

Preparing graduates to seek employment as a web designer, web developer, or interactive designer, the AAS in Web Design & Interactive Media program begins with the basics of design.

After mastering drawing, composition, color theory and perspective, students will learn computer graphics, animation, sound and video production, and other techniques of the industry. Also learning business and professional skills, graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment in the industry.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Web Design & Interactive Media

Interior Design Student in Chicago, ILThe Bachelor of Fine Arts in Web Design & Interactive Media degree program is a user-centered program which focuses on using creative and innovative technology solutions across a wide range of media platforms. From e-learning solutions to dynamic websites, interface devices for wireless devices to rich media experiences, students of this program will learn the basics of Interactive Media Design.

Some of the skills involved with this degree program include the design and implementation of creative interactive technology solutions, business strategies, rich media design, interactive design, and web site design. Upon graduation, students are prepared for entry-level positions as a web designer, project coordinator, or interactive content developer. A 192 quarter-credits program, the BFA degree can be completed in as little as 36 months.

Bachelor of Arts - Advertising

Infusing vital communication skills with marketing, design, and business components, the Bachelor of Arts in Advertising program is a 36 month program that will prepare students for positions in advertising, in addition to entry-level employment as a advertising artist, creative director, or account executive.

Beginning with the fundamentals of color and design, this program includes instruction on media skills, and culminates with the formation of an advertising campaign that includes various aspects of media, with the goal of moving an audience towards a desired action.

Bachelor of Arts - Fashion Marketing & Management

Focusing on the principles of advertising, management, merchandising, and marketing, the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Marketing & Management degree program is designed to give students a solid foundation in the application of design concepts. A hands-on course of study, students will learn the fundamental aspects of the fashion design process. In addition to learning ethical and aesthetic sensitivities, the Fashion Marketing and Management degree program is a balance of theory and real-world experience.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Digital Filmmaking & Video Production

Preparing students for an entry-level position in the digital motion picture industry, the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production will allow graduates to pursue employment as a production assistant, producer's assistant, lighting assistant, multimedia specialist or audio visual specialist. This program can be completed in as little as 36 months.

With instruction from some of the industry's top professionals, this program will guide students in the industry's latest techniques, technologies and theories, allowing them to apply them in their own productions. Culminating in a senior project that prepares a festival worthy project from start to finish, the program teaches the fundamentals of preproduction, production, and post-production, allowing students to take their creative ideas from inception to the screen.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Fashion Design

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design degree programs focus on the fundamentals of fashion design. Coursework in the Fashion Design program includes instruction in creative design, fashion illustration, draping, pattern drafting, sewing, and construction. In addition, students learn basic skills such as flat pattern drafting and draping, and the basic skills of construction. A hands-on training program, the BFA in Fashion Design programs gives students the opportunity to present their collections at competitions and fashion shows.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Game Art & Design

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art & Design degree develops skills such as scriptwriting, storyboarding, programming, and the development of web-based game content. In addition, students study the skills of 2-D design and animation, drawing and perspective. Upon graduation, this degree will prepare students for entry-level positions as level designers, modelers, character animators, and texture artists.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Interior Design

The Art Institute of Illinois - Chicago Media Arts & Animation StudentThe blending of artistic designs with practical sensibility, the Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design program is a 36 month program that teaches the fundamentals of the exciting profession of Interior Design.

Students of this program will study the histories of modern art and design, master computer-aided drafting programs, and create effective design solutions by studying ergonomics, lighting, building codes, acoustics, and furniture design. Upon graduation, students are prepared to seek entry-level employment in residential, commercial, healthcare, and hospitality interior design.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Media Arts & Animation

A 36-month program, the Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts & Animation is a great launching pad for a career in computer animation. Mastering the skills of design, drawing, and image manipulation, students learn to create animation using different types of computer animation software. As part of the program, students will build 3-D models, in addition to editing and modifying video and composite 2-D and 3-D animation. Upon graduation, students are prepared to enter the workforce as broadcast graphic, animation, production or post-production artists.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

A program that can be completed in as few as 36 months, the Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design establishes a strong foundation in computer skills and traditional design, while developing the skills of problem solving, in addition to the theories of graphic design.

As part of this program, students will learn to design, produce and deliver effective and creative design concepts. From media design, marketing, 2-D and 3-D design, to computer illustration, image manipulation, web programming and page layout programs, students of this program will have the skills necessary to gain entry-level employment in the field of graphic design.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

Focusing on motion graphics and digital compositing, the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics degree will guide students in developing a portfolio to gain employment in the fields of compositing, visual effects, motion graphics, visual display, and corporate communication.

In addition to emphasizing the technological and design foundations essential to the field, students will be able to add sound to a project, apply diagnostic and problem-solving techniques, and learn how to communicate an idea clearly and effectively.

Diploma in Digital Image Management

Available as a Diploma program, the Digital Image Management curriculum from Art Institute is designed to prepare graduates for positions in their chosen field, and to act as assistants for professional photographers. In addition to learning how to develop websites, students will learn about the creation of digital videos and photographs, publishing images for print, and basic business principles.

In addition, students of the Diploma in Digital Image Management program at AI will focus on marketing, financial records, copyright laws, negotiations, licensing, and techniques of digital editing. Likewise, students will learn how to develop an online portfolio and will work on skills that allow them to effectively communicate their ideas via a variety of mediums.

Diploma in Web Design & Interactive Communications

The Diploma in Web Design and Interactive Communications program from Art Institute teaches students about creating web pages with a particular look, functionality, and feel in mind. Learning how to create web pages with a focus on practical deployment and professional standards, students of the Diploma in Web Design and Interactive Communications program will also learn how foundational principles of interactive media and visual communications. Additionally, students will learn how to work in a team-oriented environment and will develop skills in computer languages.

Diploma in Web Design & Development

The Art Institute is pleased to offer prospective students a Diploma program in Web Design & Development. This is a new program - please contact the Office of Admissions for more information about this exciting program.

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Faculty and Facilities

Computer facilities for Graphic Design students at the Illinois Institute of Art include eleven computer labs with high speed Internet access, six PC based labs (with both Windows 2000 and Windows NT) and five Macintosh labs running MAC OS9. Applied software includes Microsoft Office, Adobe AfterEffects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere, Macromedia Flash, Director, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks.

Additionally, computer labs also are equipped with Discreet 3D StudioMax, Alias Wavefront Maya, Sonic Foundry Sound Forge, Bias Peak , AutoCad, QuarkXPress, Accumark Designer, Impact Designer, Moda Drape, Moda Weave, and Production Data Management.

Financial Aid

All students have access to help from the school's Financial Aid Department. If qualified, access to state and federal loans and grants is offered. The school will help with applications and funding upon request. Private loans and scholarships may also be applicable; it is encouraged for students to contact the Financial Aid Department directly for more information.

Licensing and Accreditation

The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association, approved to award the Associate of Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees by the Illinois Board of Higher Education, licensed by the Illinois State Board of Education, and accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Career Schools and Colleges of Technology.

Going to College in Chicago, IL

Stretching along the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago, the “Windy City” is the prototypical Midwestern American city. It is an economic, cultural, retail, educational, health care and transportation hub for the entire country. 9.5 million people live in the Chicago metro area, making it the 3rd largest metro area in the country and one of the most influential cities in the world.

Chicago has an earthy, lusty, lively history—the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 where most of the business district was destroyed, the labor riots of the late 19th century, gangsters and the Mob and Al Capone during the Prohibition years, and the riotous 1968 Democratic National Convention. The first controlled nuclear test was conducted in Chicago in 1942 as part of the Manhattan Project. Chicago has museums and national historic sites that allow you to explore its rich past.

The city is a cultural center, too. Symphony, opera, ballet, theater—you name it and you can find it in Chicago. There are several art museums, the Museum of Natural History, Shedd Aquarium and the Adler Planetarium. Improvisational comedy began in Chicago at Second City.

Chicago was named the “Best Sports City in America” in 2006. The city hosts 15 professional sports teams including the Bears, Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks (hockey) and Fire (soccer).

Maybe the best thing you’ll discover about living and going to school in Chicago is the food. There are literally thousands of wonderful restaurants, many of which offer delicious ethnic fare. Better still is the genuine Chicago ethnic fare: deep dish pizza and real Chicago-style hot dogs.

With all that it has to offer, you'll love living and going to school in Chicago, IL!

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